I love Rangefinder Cameras !

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Just like the tittle of this post implies, I love rangefinders camera AAAA LOT as compared to other types of cameras simply because of it’s focusing and shutter mechanism. All rangefinders camera usually utilizes either the focal-plane shutter ( Leica M, Zorki, Kiev ) or the leaf-shutter ( Yashica Electro, Canonnet, Minolta Hi-Matic, ¬† )

 rangefinders are usually much smaller than SLRs, much quieter, can be handheld at much slower speeds, flash sync at all speeds, focus in very low-light / low-contrast, are much more rugged, and are usually cheaper.They are less complicated and less likely to break. .

Note that the famous Leica M and Nikon S rangefinders are focal-plane shutters and thus don’t have all the advantages of the classic leaf-shutter rangefinders. But they do allow for interchangeable lenses, which leaf-shutter rangefinders usually don’t offer. And the rangefinder design allows for better wide-angle lens performance. Even though Leicas are mega-expensive, modern Bessas and older Canon screwmounts can be found at a reasonable price.

Why non-metered cameras? Metering is usually the first thing to break. It’s electronic. Batteries leak. Wires corrode and break. Non-metered cameras are less likely to have the problems that metered ones do.And it’s one huge variable that you don’t have to account for when purchasing. Is the meter dead or is the battery dead? With cameras where the battery electronically controls the shutter (e.g. Nikon FE, Canon AE-1, etc.) if your battery dies, you’re dead in the water.